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Art Night Returns!

Summer is here! So come to the courtyard each Wednesday for the revival of "Art Night",
a weekly event that was a big hit last summer.
Hosted by Maggie Muldoon and Billy Hahn.

Get to know your new neighbors and make some art.

Bring your own supplies to the courtyard and get creative with everyone.

The NEW GYM is ready for use!!!

Just in case you haven't noticed, the new gym is awesome. All the equipment is set up and the new floor is all done. We want to remind you of all the gym rules while it is so nice in there. Lets try to keep it that way.

1: The Gym is not for partying. No food or beer allowed. You have lots of other places to party. So unless it's a "workout party", please do it elsewhere.

2: No Dogs in the gym. There are lots of heavy objects in the Gym, your animals could get hurt.

3: If you get tired ... STOP. be responsible while working out. if you feel dizzy or short of breath, you must get off the equipment and take a break, get some water, and continue your workout when you feel better.

4: No smoking in the gym. This should be obvious, but once again you have many places where you can smoke.




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15 Minutes of Fame

Featured Artist: Billy Hahn

Check out the paintings, drawings and stuffed animals created by our own Billy Hahn. His art is totally trippy. The common theme in most of his paintings is animal-people hybrids. With titles such as "Ram sheep" or "Pig woman" you can be sure that you will be surprised and delighted by each new composition you see.

Billy Hahn recently decided to become a full-time artist. He has been selling his creations and also his unique clothing in Williamsburg. You can look at more of his work at www.billyhahn.com

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